His Majesty’s Theatre

Project Outline

His Majesty’s Theatre in Perth is one of Perth’s oldest and most iconic heritage buildings and one of the key buildings in Heritage Perth’s “Light up the City” program.

After a near five year long design and implementation process the façade lighting was recently unveiled with much media fanfare and to great acclaim from the general public. Using low energy consuming LED technology, the lighting design fully complies with the sustainable guidelines of the Light up the City program and has managed to validate the building’s architectural features without compromising its buildings heritage façade.

From the outset the lighting design was developed to bring out the architectural features of the building while keeping the origin of the light (the light fixtures) as “invisible” as possible. The ornamental balconies and columns determine very much the architecture signature of the building and, hence, dedicated and localised lighting to enhance those was conceptualised with careful positioning and coverage.

Key Partners

Perth Theatre Trust / Heritage Perth

Lighting Designer:
Klaasen Lighting Design (KLD)

Electrical Consultant:
Engineering Technology Consultants (ETC)

Heritage Consultant:
Phil Griffiths

Electrical Contractor:
Techworks Electrical

Ron Tan

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