Sports and Recreation

Most sports stadiums or fields have a variety of environments each requiring a tailored lighting solution – the field or court, spectator seating, vehicular and pedestrian access ways, car parking, training facilities and amenities.

The lighting of the field or court must be to broadcast standard and lighting levels must be to a certain intensity for compliance. Mondoluce can recommend the best product to suit your sport and recreation application by designing accurate to scale lighting heat maps that illustrate the coverage of each luminaire.

Flood lights provide a ‘flood’ of lighting to a general area however this does not mean that glare and spill light should be accepted. Specific lens and reflectors create various optics to throw light where it is needed and shielded from light where it is not. This enables high visibility which in turn promotes safety without compromising on aesthetic and ambience to the public realm.

With a worldwide focus on being “green”, more lighting designers, engineers and facility managers are implementing energy efficient lighting solutions. Whether it be upgrades to existing or for new installations, Mondoluce brings LED lighting technology from leading international manufacturers to the Western Australian community. Consider this case study with a side-by-side comparison of metal halide vs LED luminaire’s:

Case Study


Existing: 100 x 400W metal halide (MH) high bay pendant light fittings mounted at 8m.

Recreation centres generally have high mount (>6m) metal halide high bay light fittings to illuminate player courts for a wide variety of activities.

These high bays are typically switched on for the duration of operating hours for the recreation centre. Our proposal was to exchange the current old technology MH fittings for the Cree CXB 230W LED high bay. This high bay is a direct replacement for the 400W MH fitting, so a one for one replacement scenario is applicable. The savings achieved in energy consumption is 195W per fitting. Based on the number of fittings within the centre, we have a total saving of 19,500 watts (>45%) by changing over to the Cree CXB 230W LED high bay.

As the Cree CXB 230W LED high bay provides instant light, unlike the warm up period required by metal halide lamps, the potential to provide further energy savings through daylight harvesting becomes a more viable option.

Important things to remember when lighting for sports and recreation application:

  • The benefits of LED lighting as an energy efficient lighting solution
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Safety and functionality
  • Different solutions across the varied spaces within the facility
  • Observing available technologies
  • Environmental implications
  • IP Rating
  • Lighting standards for sporting applications

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