Hospitality and Living

With hospitality application you can use well considered lighting design and product selection to welcome, guide, and entertain every visitor who walks through your door. Using lighting to create a distinctive and memorable experience for your guests, is the key to success that will ensure loyalty and enjoyment every time. From accent lighting in bedrooms to wayfinding and façade, make your space a destination to remember.

At Mondoluce, your bottom line is important. We have the solution that will keep your energy and operational costs down. LED lights are continuing to revolutionise the hospitality industry. The advancement of superior dimming technology and smart systems have made a massive difference to the way a hospitality business operates. Dimming settings can be used to create mood while reducing energy costs. Features such as automatic timers, scheduled dimming and app/interface-controlled lighting allow venue lighting to be adjusted with one click on a device.

In addition, dynamic lighting such as colour changing and human centric lighting (circadian rhythm) are the latest technologies available to implement into your business. Lighting can be used to influence our circadian rhythm (our body clock) and maintain the optimal condition for our health given that the majority of the day can be spent indoors.Fast food and take away restaurants use bright luminaires and stimulating colours to attract clientele and create a busy action-packed ambience, encouraging people to eat faster. While a fine dining restaurant would utilise dim lights to create an intimate, relaxing ambience that encourages diners to enjoy their meal and stay longer.

Important things to remember when lighting for hospitality and living application:

  • The benefits of LED lighting as an energy efficient lighting solution
  • Environmental implications
  • Colour rendering
  • Human Centric Lighting
  • Maximising use of natural light
  • Cost effectiveness

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