Over the years a majority of cultural applications such as auditoriums and theatres across Western Australia utilise incandescent or halogen lamps throughout their lobbies, function areas and the main performance areas. This is mainly due to the age of the theatre and the lighting and dimming technology available at the time. The evolution and progression to LED as a light source, for this application offers substantial energy and maintenance costs savings. However due to the complexity of dimming LED prohibits the upgrade on the existing dimming system. An LED lighting upgrade would also require the existing “phase cut” dimming system to be replaced and this will mean additional wiring and hardware, and result in a very costly exercise and render the total upgrade uneconomical.

LED light fittings require a remote driver that is paired to the LED Chip to drive it in its most efficient manner. The simple “Phase Cut” dimming system used on incandescent and halogen lamps, will not work effectively on standard LED drivers. Mondoluce collaborated with Lumitech to develop a system (LED Down Light and Electronic Ballast) to overcome this issue.

A range of LED downlights utilising the latest technology from Xicato in “High Colour Rendition” LED modules provide a lighting effect most suited to replacing existing halogen installations. Mondoluce has a range of low glare reflector systems that deliver excellent efficiencies to provide a lighting system to match or better the old technology Halogen system, with the added benefits of low maintenance, energy efficiency and long lamp life. Mondoluce has a wide range of wattages and beam distributions to suit all applications within many areas of auditoriums and theatres. This now enables the upgrade of auditorium and theatre lighting to an LED light source while maintaining existing dimming system within the auditorium and theatre.

Electronic engineers at Lumitech invested 18 months of research and development to perfect a Hybrid Electronic Ballast that will drive the Mondoluce range of LED downlights with full capability to smooth dimming on a “Phase Cut” Leading Edge dimming system. The Tauren E-B Electronic Ballast is “tuned” to the requirements of the LED downlight to provide maximum performance and energy efficiency. The Ballast has been certified with C Tick approval in accordance with Australian Standards.

Important things to remember when lighting for culture application:

  • The benefits of LED lighting as an energy efficient lighting solution
  • Capturing the personality of your business
  • IoT (Internet of Things) – connectivity
  • Considering scalability and new innovation
  • Environmental implications
  • Flicker-free luminaires
  • Prevention of eye fatigue
  • Colour rendering
  • Utilising the best possible optic technology
  • IP Rating

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