Our Process

We continuously tailor the Mondoluce Process to guarantee the best practice outcome. While there are fundamental milestones for any project, these are not set in stone but reflect the unique requirements of your project, providing a seamless process from specification to installation.


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There is no cookie-cutter process here. Some of our work begins as Design & Construct projects and evolves from the initial specification. Sometimes, there is an opportunity for solutions that save money, reduce the ongoing energy requirement, or maximise the lighting effect of the solution. When these opportunities present, we offer them as alternative solutions.


Our typical pipeline of work. These projects begin with design practitioners such as architects, electrical engineers or designers. They include the full range of the process from conception, design and specification to installation.

Design and Construct

In these projects, Mondoluce is requested to provide an alternative lighting selection, to the available budget.

In both streams of operation, we follow a careful process to ensure predictable quality outcomes – one that is led by the demands and opportunities of a project, rather than being dictated by a rigid structure.

1. Discovery

In our first contact, our project lighting specialist will discuss your project needs. Our team of specialists have a broad range of experience with product, technology and innovation and can identify the optimal lighting solution for your project.

2. Briefing

In this phase, we discuss the specific project brief with you to provide advice, luminaire suggestions and lighting application assistance to suit the project requirements. Through gaining a clear understanding, we are able to provide a detailed and accurate lighting equipment selection for tender.

3. Specification/Tender

The project goes through to specification and tender process, and the initial Mondoluce project proposal is provided on request. We are contacted by industry and trades to submit our lighting proposal for their tender submission.

4. Contracts awarded

The builder and electrical sub-contractor are appointed, and negotiations begin to secure an order. Products may need to be re-selected depending on the budget and alternatives may be considered (in the case of design and construct procurement process).

5. Order/Requisition

A requisition order is created and a product sample approval process undertaken through a data sheet or physical sample review.

6. Approval

The order is placed after the sample approval process is finalised, and we work with you to supply the project to the scheduled dates.

7. Project Tracking

You will have an appointed Client Liaison who works alongside the Project Lighting Specialist who will be in regular contact with you during the procurement process to update you on the status of your order and facilitate any logistical, technical or administrative questions about the project.

8. Delivery

Upon receiving the goods, Mondoluce will test, check off and label all products to ensure they meet the project specification. Any custom modifications are made at this point. Once all products are ready for delivery, a member of our warehouse team will make contact with the project manager for delivery. Once confirmed, goods are dispatched and the invoice forwarded to you.

9. Installation Support

Once your products are delivered, Mondoluce is available for installation support. We will troubleshoot any issues and concerns regarding installation (this occurs for most design and construct projects, as changes can occur during the construction process).

10. Check in

Mondoluce ensures that our products are installed correctly and provide after-sales service, commissioning, product data sheets and manuals to the appropriate person/s. We check in with our clients upon installation to ensure that the supplied products are operating or functioning as designed.

+ Photoshoot

Once the project is completed, we often arrange a photoshoot of the project. Mondoluce use professional photographers to capture the project to its full potential. Photographs are available upon request to all stakeholders of the project.*

+ Publication

In addition to a photoshoot, Mondoluce promotes the project through a variety of print and digital publications. Advertising and showcasing the project to other industry professionals and the wider business community.

(*Conditions may apply)


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