The best lighting solution for a working environment is multi-faceted. Mondoluce can provide the lighting solution that will add value to your facility, make your operation more energy efficient, minimise your carbon emissions and optimise visual comfort. Colour rendering and consistency, human centric lighting and connectivity are all innovations to consider when forming your lighting solution.

Non-traditional workstations call for more innovative and user-friendly lighting that reduces carbon emission and improves energy efficiency by the use of Bluetooth control, occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting.

Wellness standard – dynamic lighting through general office lighting mimicking the circadian rhythm as well as lighting breakout spaces and green areas effectively to provide improved emotional and mental health and productivity of staff. 

There are a couple of different light types that can incorporate the above that are great for working environments: general lighting and linear lights.

General lighting systems are constructed with direct and/or indirect light and wide flood optics. This combination ensures the entire environment is lit correctly and that you have the capability to highlight selected spaces. General lighting does not create visual paths or hierarchies, but it does light space evenly.

Linear lights are the linear shape light fixtures. They usually come in a long length and are installed as pendant, suspended or recessed versions. LED linear lights are more advantageous than other common light fixtures for building innovative, clean and dynamic lighting environments. Additionally, they are very user-friendly due to easy wiring and installation, which is helpful if upgrading your current light fittings.

Important things to remember when lighting for working application:

  • The benefits of LED lighting as an energy efficient lighting solution
  • Creating an even perception of space
  • Utilising the best possible optic technology
  • Creating a working space that inspires
  • Capturing the personality of your business
  • Human Centric Lighting
  • Colour rendering
  • IoT (Internet of Things) – connectivity
  • Considering scalability and new innovation
  • Environmental implications

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