We’re not just a lighting supplier.
We are your lighting partner.

We are a leading project lighting specialist, bringing to you superior and progressive lighting products for architectural, commercial and industrial applications.

Our business is founded on long-standing relationships and strong partnerships. We collaborate with a spectrum of key decision makers from design disciplines, trade professionals and industry bodies. We share our passion with those who understand the significant role lighting plays from an aesthetic and functional perspective.

When we work with you, you’ll benefit from 25 years of experience as a lighting supplier dedicated to the WA market, access to high quality world class lighting brands, intelligent advice, comprehensive brand knowledge, innovative design solutions, technical expertise and unsurpassed support.

We hope to share with you our vast knowledge about our products and the possibilities that can be achieved with lighting. We are very passionate lighting about the crucial role it plays in our built environment – how creative, how innovative, how sustainable, how functional and how aesthetically stunning it can be.

What matters to us is consistently delivering quality, reliability and value through the products and services we provide to our clients. No matter the stage of the project – concept, design and specification, right through to installation, commissioning or problem solving – you’re in safe hands.

That’s because with Mondoluce,
you’re not just choosing a lighting company.
You’re choosing a lighting partner.

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