Aloft Hotel

Project Outline

Creative lighting in architecture is fundamental in portraying both form and expression.

The Aloft Hotel Belmont, provides a new typology for short stay accommodation for Perth. Its simple geometric façade provides a hallmark along Great Eastern Highway, an honest reflection of its hotel room arrangement beyond. The external lighting is crafted to be “playful” with the building skin. In contrast to the Hotel’s rigid egg-crate facades, discrete lighting accents randomly punctuate this strong grid, emitting blue coloured lighting from the iGuzzini Trick 360° light blade. In concert, occupied hotel rooms emit warm coloured light – providing a subtle and changing lighting cacophony.

The Hotel’s side ends, contain several continuous vertical strip-lighting that emit a blue coloured light from the iGuzzini Underscore InOut in RGB. This expressive lighting exaggerates the buildings height and visually fractures its mass linking the highly activated rooftop to the ground.

Key Partners

Aloft Hotels + BGC Developments

Cox Architecture

Electrical Engineer:
Wood & Grieve Engineers

BGC Construction

Electrical Contractor:

Lighting Designer:
Engineering Consultants Australia

Ron Tan

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