Mining and Industry

Safety is critical for mining and industrial applications. The presence of hazardous, flammable or combustible vapours, liquids and gases elevate the risk involved and the need for an effective specialty lighting response.

Mine sites, industrial areas and chemical processing plants operate 24/7 and are regulated by zone specific lighting standards. Mondoluce can provide the highest quality of product to suit your application, while meeting safety standards, performance standards and safety audit requirements. Our solution will give you the confidence that your team and your assets are supported during day-to-day operations.

Output and efficiency can be maximised with an LED lighting solution. Operations can continue on into the night, with energy efficient luminaires. Lighting control systems give managers the power to schedule scenes and optimise energy use.

Important things to remember when lighting for mining and industry application:

  • The benefits of LED lighting as an energy efficient lighting solution
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Safety and functionality
  • Different solutions across the varied spaces within the facility
  • Observing available technologies
  • Environmental implications
  • IP Rating
  • Lighting standards for mining and industrial applications

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