iGuzzini Brand Specialist: Andrea de Wind

iGuzzini illuminazione, founded in 1959, is an international leader in the field of architectural lighting. Having around 1,500 employees, it is driven by the study, design and production of indoor and outdoor lighting systems. Its headquarters are in Recanati (Italy), and it operates in more than 20 countries spread across the five continents.

They aim to enhance the relationship between people and environment through light. iGuzzini lighting, which is the output of research, industry, technology and knowledge, is geared to illuminate places of culture and work, retail environments, urban settings, large infrastructures, and hospitality and living industries.

The company is committed to social innovation through lighting. By collaborating for sixty years with renowned architects, lighting designers and engineering practices, they want to create innovative and sustainable lighting projects able to enhance architecture and spaces. For iGuzzini, light means creating safer, more comfortable and more attractive spaces. Light determines the mood of people, the colours and shapes of nature and of artworks. For this reason, the Company’s vision is Social Innovation Through Lighting.


  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  • ISO50001
  • IMQ trademark (since 1976)
  • ENEC trademark (since 1976)
  • CCC trademark (since 1976)

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