It is important for retailers to create a comfortable environment for customers by optimising visual comfort, while showcasing the products in a positive light. The perfect lighting solution must be carefully designed to enhance consumer contentment and influence purchasing behaviour.

For this reason, lighting for retail application calls for a comprehensive solution informed by form and function, with general lighting illuminating throughout and accent lighting to highlight products. Mondoluce have the expertise, experience and the products to provide you with the best solution.

Shopping Centres

Retailers are using lighting with greater impact transforming shopping centres into shopping ‘precincts’. The external façade is often lit to dramatic effect to entice in the potential customers, while beautiful luminaires illuminate pathways to and from the entry ways. Lighting plays an important role in creating a comfortable food court and dining scene to entice customers to enjoy the full retail experience and maximise time spent in the shopping centres.

Areas to include in your shopping centre lighting plan:

  • Cove and pelmet
  • Mall areas
  • Display lighting
  • Feature window display
  • Food courts
  • Toilets and washrooms
  • Specific aisle lighting
  • Sign illumination
  • High ceiling and void
  • Storage areas
  • Façade lighting
  • Safety lighting
  • Car park


Luminaires with a high colour rendition are important when displaying merchandise to highlight product vibrancy and increase saleability. Choosing luminaires with a high CRI as well as the correct colour temperatures best suited to complement products are easily achieved with colour tunable white LED lights.

Important things to remember when lighting for retail application:

  • The benefits of LED lighting as an energy efficient lighting solution
  • Capturing the personality of your business
  • IoT (Internet of Things) – connectivity
  • Considering scalability and new innovation
  • Environmental implications
  • Flicker-free luminaires
  • Prevention of eye fatigue
  • Environmental implications
  • Different solutions across the varied spaces within the facility

Feature Products