Pracht Brand Specialist: Andrea de Wind

Lighting technique with tradition since 1923.

Pracht is a brand name that represents luminaries of top quality as well as energy efficiency. Their lighting solutions have been established internationally for a long period of time and thus have reached great appreciation on a world-wide scale.

A thorough comprehension of market and technology as well as a keen sense of the customer’s needs allows them to improve their products, in an innovative way that is always state-of-the-art.

The secret of their success has been to be different from the others.

If you need luminaires for extreme temperatures, high production types, special aesthetics or other difficult conditions, Pracht will provide you with a customised solution. Your luminaires will be adjusted individually to your requirements and needs.

Duroplast (thermoset material), thermoplastics as well as elastomers, whatever you need for realising your projects in terms of parts made of synthetic material, they can produce it for you in optimal quality.

The variety of possibilities is almost unlimited, so they can even meet your most specific of requirements. Even special orders in terms of colour or custom made solutions for most extreme areas of application do not cause problems for Pracht.


  • ISO9001:2015
  • DIN 10500

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