Lighting for urban application such as parks, community spaces and civic settings calls for a tool box full of solutions. Urban lighting should deliver a good quality of light, be cost effective and environmentally conscious, create comfortable visibility, provide security and be aesthetically beautiful or create visual impact. Lights that can react and activate to movement are the perfect solution to urban applications.

Lighting solutions for urban applications are similar to those for infrastructure applications. The advanced LED technologies available can provide ‘intelligent street lighting’ solutions that include programmable scheduling to dim and brighten the lighting over the course of the day. This type of control has wide reaching benefits that include reduction in energy consumption, safer environments and a better quality of light.

Pathway Lighting is one of the most important visual features in a garden during the day, whether it’s in the park or community space. The right outdoor pathway lighting will carry this visual impact over into the night. A pathway also needs to be practical: people need to be able to find their way along it, and you want to be able to see people for security purposes.

Street lighting should add a sense of security for pathways and roads while also keeping with the urban scape. Many local governments are opting for sleek architectural poles to enhance the prestige of their roads, parks and squares that complement modern architectural post tops and streetlight fixtures.

For efficiency, solar pathway and street lighting is common, along with LED pathway lighting or low voltage pathway lighting. Consider these options when wishing to maximise style while minimising your impact on the environment.

Façade lighting is commonly designed to enhance the architecture and beauty of a buildings exterior whether it be a new or heritage building. Lighting the building façade can draw people in and create a sense of community and increase safety. There are many ways to light building facades – uplighting, wall grazing, spot and floodlighting.

Important things to remember when lighting for urban application:

  • The benefits of LED lighting as an energy efficient lighting solution
  • Safety and functionality
  • Observing available technologies
  • Environmental implications
  • IP Rating

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