Product Detail

Linealuce Mini 47

Product Code | EG43

Designer | Design Jean Michel Wilmotte

Brand | iGuzzini

The iGuzzini Linealuce Mini 47 is an extremely professional and compact linear system. Dual version, with spot and grazing distribution. Pure design, with a threaded glass head. RGB and RGBW as standard, with dynamic light colour and shade control. Ceiling, wall and floor installation, even in continuous rows and through-passing wiring: product adjustability ensures complete system application flexibility. Impressive collection of accessories that can be fitted externally and/or internally to enhance visual comfort and adapt photometric distribution for a perfect effect. Exceptional performance with maximum uniformity and intensity up to 80000 candela.


  • Luminaire intended for use with monochromatic and LED and RGBW light sources (44-52Vdc DMX-RDM / DALI), Tunable White and RGB (48-52Vdc DMX-RDM / DALI).
  • RGB-RGBW and Tunable White (TW) versions with DALI driver available upon request.
  • Wall and ceiling mount as well as support with adjustable arms.
  • Comprising housing with a DMX-RDM / DALI driver and end caps.
  • Extruded aluminium body and flush end caps in die-cast zamak complete with silicone gaskets.
  • Liquid acrylic paint ensuring high resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays.
  • Optical compartment closed at the top by a 4mm thick transparent glass screen secured with silicone.
  • Supplied with double nickel-plated brass cable gland, outgoing PVC cables and IP68 male and female connectors at the end for pass-through wiring.
  • Equipped with optics with plastic lenses (methacrylate).
  • Wall-grazing Spot light distribution optics (WGS), Wall grazing Medium (WGM) and Wall grazing WF (Wide Flood).
  • Optics for Accent and Flood Light distributions - Spot (S), Flood (F) and WF (Wide Flood) types.
  • Internal accessory filters for elliptical distribution.
  • Internal accessories: longitudinal blade - louvre, crossways blade louvre and honeycomb for high visual comfort.
  • External accessories: symmetrical and asymmetrical crossways blade screens for high visual comfort in down-light applications.
  • Electronic power supply unit to be ordered separately and internal DMX-RDM / DALI driver.
  • All external screws used are in A2 stainless steel.








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