Yokine Reserve

Project Outline

The Yokine Reserve Playground provides for children of all ages and abilities and also links to barbecue and picnic facilities including sheltered picnic tables and seats and drink fountains. The abundant natural play opportunities included in the project allow children to use their sense of touch, sound, smell and sight. “The majority of equipment has been designed to allow people of various disability levels to play and socialise in both a supervised and unsupervised manner” – Cr Boothman (Former Mayor, City of Stirling).

Mondoluce is very pleased to participate in the enhancement of this well designed community facility. The car park was illuminated with CREE LEDway 60LED fixtures with a mixture of Type 3 and Type 5 medium optics resulting in a much brighter environment. The CREE 40LED Round Edge post top fittings with Type 2 optics improved the overall illumination of the area, especially from a safety and security aspect. The lighting levels achieved for this community facility complied with Australian Standards of P11B and P12 category.

Key Partners

City of Stirling

Electrical + Lighting Consultant:
3E Consulting Engineers

Ron Tan

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