Supreme Court Gardens

Project Outline

Supreme Court Gardens in Perth, is an expansive garden area. It incorporates the Stirling Gardens, the Government House Gardens, the original Swan River wall, the Francis Burt Library and the Supreme Court buildings.

As a prominent tourist attraction, the City of Perth needed to fulfil the basic needs of visitors to the park. Offering facilities like seating, lighting, public toilets and drinking water were of utmost importance.

Ecoscape Landscape Architects collaborated with Wave Engineering Design Consultants. The addition of aesthetically pleasing pathway lighting was necessary to improve safety in addition to highlighting the beautiful landscape. Mondoluce put forward the iGuzzini Lavinia, an LED street luminaire with high performance optics that creates little to no light pollution.

The updated lighting makes the Supreme Court Gardens even more inviting and accessible after dark.

Key Partners

City of Perth

Landscape Architect:
Ecoscape Landscape Architects

Design Consultants:
Wave Engineering

BCL Group

Electrical Contractor:
Stiles Electrical

Ron Tan

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