Perth Busport

Project Outline

The Perth Busport is a fundamental infrastructure project, right in the heart of the city, that provides the opportunity of opening the important connection between the Perth CBD with Northbridge.

The goal was to providing Perth with not only the most advanced underground bus station of its kind in Australia but also in the world.

The building characteristics presented a number of challenges. Being classified as “world class”, high quality finishes, enclosed protected environment comprising of high ceiling entry portals, an unusually long passenger lounge with a significant dynamic signage infrastructure. The bus station operates like an airport with buses being dynamically allocated to arrival, lay-over and departures stands as they enter and circulate within the station with passenger information being constantly updated.

Wood & Grieve Engineers (WGE) was commissioned to deliver a number of services for the project with the electrical and lighting design being the main component, not only due to aesthetics, but also to ensure compliance to standards and PTA’s strict guidelines and ensure delivery of a fully compliant design, providing safe public movement with an eye appealing infrastructure.

During the project design phase WGE engineers worked closely with the architectural team, the final client and lighting suppliers. The collaboration was the best way to define the most suitable luminaire range to achieve such demanding characteristics.

It was of utmost importance that chosen luminaires were technically acceptable characteristics. These characteristics included low glare, energy efficient, high IP and IK ratings, low maintenance, long life expectancy in addition to appealing aesthetics.

Mondoluce’s range of renowned products including iGuzzini Linealuce Compact, iGuzzini Laser Blade and Ligman Nikon. The LimeLite 1200 x 300mm LED Troffer’s with custom designed diffusers, were ideal for an energy efficient and dynamically controlled lighting system.

Key Partners

City Bus Alliance (CBA) – Perth Transport Authority + Brookfield Multiplex

GHD Woodhead

Electrical + Lighting Consultant:
Wood & Grieve Engineers

Electrical Contractor:

Ron Tan

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