Nolita Trattoria

Project Outline

The design philosophy for Nolita Trattoria was to create a, contemporary eatery that could transition comfortably from day to night.

The restaurant recalls Nolita in New York (North of Little Italy) which evoked a modern contemporary vibe as well as referencing the traditional Italian Trattoria. The materials, finishes and fittings blended seamlessly and also complimented the solid timber joinery and furniture pieces. The light fittings were selected for the project were supplied by Mondoluce.

Tom Dixon acid etched pendants create a scattered effect and provide a feature between the front and rear dining rooms. The Tom Dixon Base Wall Lights against the solid timber wall feature provide an ambient glow over the banquet seating. Both fittings integrate with the aesthetic and design palette as well as produce a light quality, specific for the restaurant.

As a result of the details, finishes, materials and lighting used, a refined yet modest and considered space was achieved.

Key Partners

Nolita Trattoria

Architect / Designer:
MATA Design Studio

Ron Tan

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