Joondalup City Centre

Project Outline

The City of Joondalup were looking at various options to replace the existing luminaires along Boas Avenue and surrounding streets.

A staged replacement of existing infrastructure to improve efficiency and reduce running costs was the best solution. The benefits of the changeover included, increased uniformity, minimising antisocial behavior, in addition to encouraging community use after hours.

Subsequently the iGuzzini Quid was chosen because of the luminaires performance and aesthetics.

The iGuzzini Quid’s sleek street light design is inspired by the desire to strip off anything that is superfluous. An LED street light that helps light urban spaces and helps meet a wide range of present and future requirements. From a simple on-off mechanism to Dali management, which is the key means of access to potential “smart-city” integration.

Key Partners

City of Joondalup

Lighting Designer:
City of Joondalup

Electrical Contractor:
Stiles Electrical

Ron Tan

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