John Inverarity Music and Drama Centre

Project Outline

The John Inverarity Music and Drama Centre at Hale School is the busiest facilities on this renowned education campus. The lighting energy consumption was in need of urgent review.

The existing lighting installation was 50 X 300W tungsten halogen down lights, which were controlled by a ‘phase cut’ dimming system.

The rising electricity costs made it necessary for the facility managers to implement a more efficient lighting system. Progression to LED wasn’t an easy transition, as the existing dimming system wasn’t compatible with the appropriate electronic drivers. The upgrade also required a new dimming system, which would involve a large capital expenditure. This upgrade costing approximately $200K plus, this would render the lighting upgrade economically non-viable. The savings in energy costs would have a lengthy payback period.

Hale School engaged the collaboration between Mondoluce and Lumitech to provide a solution. This solution integrated the Tauren electronic ballast with the Mondoluce supplied ELS ADL150 down lights which were compatible with the existing “Phase Cut” dimming system.

Subsequently this collaboration provided a high quality lighting solution to the same standard and benefits of halogen lighting with a smooth ‘flicker free’ dimming function on the existing ‘phase cut’ dimming system. This accommodated all the clients technical requirements while similarly satisfying forecasted annual savings on electricity, estimated to be $15,000pa.

Key Partners

Hale School

Lighting Upgrade:
Mondoluce + Lumitech Pty Ltd

Electrical Contractor:

Ron Tan

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