Alkimos College

Project Outline

The Alkimos College project stakeholders, shared the belief that lighting can have a profound impact within a learning environment.

The Alkimos College Stage 1 spans across 4 buildings with a total floor area exceeding 21,000m2. Stage 2 will be completed by 2024 and will accommodate up to 2000 students from year 7 to 12 by 2025.

Stage 1 includes Block A, B and C – administration, student services, staff studies and modern teaching facilities such as general learning areas, science and IT labs. The school expands to include a modern cafeteria, fully equipped library, drama classrooms, food science studios, workshops and textile learning areas.

Block D consists of a double height volume single storey sports hall, changing facilities, health education classrooms and fitness centre.

The Pracht Apollo N LED used in the sport hall has been appointed due to their impact resistance and most importantly, capable of providing good lighting distribution with minimum glare at high mounting heights. The lighting groups are switched to accommodate for both competition and training lux levels compliant with AS2560 sports lighting requirement.

The Limelite Linear 100 fitting has been used extensively in common corridors, walkways and general learning areas to complement the feature ceiling while providing high light levels with low glare and a clean, clutter-free ceiling. The incidental learning areas and cafeteria use ELS ADL160 downlight pendants as a welcoming contrast which is still conducive for student learning activities outside of the formal teaching environment.

Carpark lighting is provided via iGuzzini Quid with an adjustable tilt for a directional light throw to create a safe outdoor environment with high lighting uniformity compliant to P11B and Cree Edge Round post top for general hardscape areas. iGuzzini Light Up Earth uplights the double height canopy and creates a spectacular entry statement to the main building.

Throughout the project, Stantec placed a high emphasis on achieving a functional and ergonomic lighting environment without compromising on the focus to integrate the lighting into the built environment and align with the aesthetic appeal of the buildings.

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Key Partners

Alkimos College

Taylor Robinson Chaney Broderick Architects

Electrical + Lighting Consultant:

EMCO Building

Landscape Architect:
Four Landscape Studio

Electrical Contractor:
RNM Solutions

Ron Tan

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