Modern design like nothing ELSe

3rd April 2023 |

Modern design like nothing ELSe

The Flute range is a boldly minimalistic variation on existing atmospheric pendant lights.

Inspiration for the collection’s clean lines came from the amazing seed pod shape of the Australian Catalpa Cigar Tree. The design creates an intriguing interplay between horizontal and vertical luminous cigar tubes, levitating in space above a range of stunning interiors.

The diffused glow of the tubes elicits a dynamic ambience, while the alternating finishes provide a degree of provocation.

The Flute offers atmospheric room lighting as well as lighting for offices, hospitality interiors, boardrooms and retirement living and aged care.

Customisation like nothing ELSe.

The Flute premium lighting design by ELS stands for the synthesis of exquisite design, superior quality, and remarkable craftsmanship of the highest quality.

German manufactured glass is used throughout Europe in various high-end interiors by Lighting Designers.

The Flute product, a combination of precision German glass with other refined materials, can be customised to any specification such as manually pressed metal, or various powder coat finishes.

At ELS we create bold lighting solutions that challenge the boundaries and norm, of contemporary design.

Flexibility like nothing ELSe.

Our Flute range can be used across commercial and residential architectural settings. Providing design flexibility, our luminaires offer various mounting styles, providing flexible illumination and lighting suitable to their specific installation.

Our lighting system features integrated electrics and wiring, with the option of either fluted glass or opal polycarbonate depending on the installation and use required. The suspended Flute provides direct task lighting to work surfaces with a slight shade to focus the light down and is positioned just above head height. The flexibility of the ELS Flute Range is never ending.

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