Celebrating Milestones at Mondoluce

2nd April 2023 |

Celebrating Milestones at Mondoluce
This month we celebrate some momentous milestones at Mondoluce. A trifecta of 1, 2 and 12 years of service from Kiara, Jess and Damian respectively. Individually, they bring a unique personality to the team, collectively, they strive towards a synergy of services within Mondoluce.
Kiara is always working closely with the team, providing a seamless communication with our partners in light, equipping the team to provide technical information and support where necessary.
Jess is always looking at ways to streamline our systems and processes, ensuring the business is humming and everyone is working to the same song sheet.
Damian’s years of industry experience and product knowledge allow him to go above and beyond the role of lighting supplier, by offering lighting design and application assistance to our clients
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