LimeLite Wellness Building Standard

5th March 2019 |

LimeLite Wellness Building Standard

LimeLite has all the options in their luminaires to help engineers and architects deliver this standard to their clients. LimeLite LED lamps have CRI 90+ to deliver strong saturated solid colours as measured by the R9 value. Which is a very important part of good lighting.

Now, a single lamp can emulate blue-white daylight while the sun is at its brightest and then shift to a subtle warm white light in the hours prior to night. LimeLite’s high-end LED Lamps are tuneable from 2700K to 5000K to replicate the varying white light throughout the day.

Night time exposure of many blue white light sources (smart phones, tablets, laptops to big screen TVs) disrupts our circadian rhythm. LimeLite’s 0.1% dimmable LED drivers with smooth dimming curves, can help our circadian rhythm adjust to the correct time of day.

Wall washing the walls to open up spaces will also help with sight control. The eyes response to high contrasting areas, will over work the receptors and can cause headaches, dizziness and tiredness. Reducing these contrasting areas by washing the walls with LimeLite Linear 100 Wall Wash luminaire may reduce eye strain and help balance wellbeing.

XLG, (Extra Low Glare) diffusers are the perfect choice for an environment where glare needs to be controlled. LimeLite’s Linear 300 and Square 600 XLG are fantastic solutions.

Producing a top quality luminaire isn’t just about lighting a space, an excellent lighting manufacturer also takes in consideration their user’s health and wellbeing.

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