iGuzzini Light Shed: Designing Wellbeing

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iGuzzini Light Shed: Designing Wellbeing

Light Shed builds well-being in any space. It decorates, illuminates, diffuses sound, absorbs noise, and is both smart and sustainable.

Increasingly dynamic and sustainable environments require human-centred designed solutions for the people who live in and animate these spaces on a daily basis. Light Shed by iGuzzini was created for this purpose: to create well-being. Light Shed is also a piece of furniture in perfect harmony with its environment. But above all, it is a solution that illuminates well, that provides intelligent, quality light that can be managed and adapted according to people’s needs.

Light Shed offers colourful perceptions that transport us into metaphysical space, stimulating impressions and creating identities.

Hybrid well-being: light and sound

In addition, Light Shed can also accommodate sound-absorbing panels or integrate, in its central technological core, intelligent tools that extend its functionality beyond light. New spaces are open and multi-purpose, with a high risk of sound contamination. Light Shed db60 is the version that features sound-absorbing panels.

Being smart for smart people

Smart technologies transform technology into well-being by facilitating the smart and sustainable use of light. With a remote or integrated Bluetooth-DALI interface or an Organic Response sensor, the system can be controlled directly from your smartphone through a variety of available wireless technologies.

Circular well-being

Light Shed has been designed in compliance with Ecodesign and is produced with 100% renewable energy and circular materials and processes. Light Shed is produced in Italy, at our plant in Recanati where, as of 01/01/2022 our production systems use only energy that is self-produced or from renewable sources (certified by GO certificates from our supplier). Our electrical energy consumption is also extremely low thanks to the construction and use of a large photovoltaic system (around 7,000 solar panels) at our Recanati plant that, since 2011, has met over 20% of our energy requirements.


A highly efficient solution, recyclable and produced from recycled materials: Light Shed is future-proofed, to live in the present in a responsible way.

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