Tom Dixon – Launch of our new 2013 collection: Rough and Smooth

20th March 2013 | ,

Tom Dixon – Launch of our new 2013 collection: Rough and Smooth

Tom Dixon launched Their new 2013 collection – Rough and Smooth.

This year they’ve been exploring all new materials and have found themselves fascinated by honest production as well as futuristic processes.

Focusing on texture, finishes and materiality they introduce their new collection: Rough and Smooth.

Gem is a family of angular lights, tables and mirrors which all take inspiration from the facets of cut gemstones. Each product bears indentations of sand and grit from its making. Instead of filing these away they have left them to give each piece its own personal, texturized character.

Bell is a dome suspended over a dome – and its ultra-polished, mirror finish means it will take on the colours and characteristics of its surroundings. Made from chrome-plated steel, the same material used on vintage car bumpers, this super-shiny lamp gives off a soft and clean light through its frosted glass under-side.

Like a mysterious chemistry experiment, Flask is a spherical hand-blown glass light made up of two parts; a flask and a hood. The bottom flask is ridged and rounded to refract light and give a warm, rippled glow while the top hood is smoked to cover the lamp and give an elegant subtlety.

Just like their much loved Etch Shade, Cell is made from etched brass. Tiny holes across the surface filter the light to cast intricate shadows and throw a satisfyingly dappled glow.

Symbolizing Rough and Smooth they’ll be showcasing all their new products within two contrasting environments – the back-of-house warehouse and front-of-house showroom – at MOST in Milan this April.


Tom Dixon


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