The Product Book 15 by iGuzzini

25th February 2015 | ,

The Product Book 15 by iGuzzini

The Product Book is a new, unique publication containing iGuzzini products, systems and coordinated lines of lighting for interiors and exteriors. iGuzzini introduces you to The Product Book 15. A book, not a catalogue. iGuzzini is the editor, the community is the author.

iGuzzini have given a new face to this tool. The spine is designed for a clear identification on the the shelves and the desks. The number on the cover “15” is referred to the year of printing. On the back there is a phrase coming from the iGuzzini Manifesto “Light First” and it reinforces iGuzzini’s mission “Social Innovation through lighting”.
Now embrace the opportunity to create a new chapter in 2015.


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