The Grove Precinct

23rd July 2011 | , ,

The Grove Precinct

The Grove Precinct provided ETC and the Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland team with the opportunity to put to practice, years of experience, ideas and theory on lighting buildings and urban spaces in a sustainable way.

The Grove Precinct comprises of a Library and Community Centre for Cottesloe, Peppermint Grove and Mosman Park and the Mosman Park Shire offices. As with many great projects, the Grove Precinct typifies what can be achieved when the whole project team engages in a common goal of creating a truly outstanding example of sustainable design.  The project is a collaboration of sound design principals, client vision and peoples determination to deliver a truly wonderful asset to the community.

Appointed as leader of the ETC team of Lighting Designers and Electrical Engineers, we were supported by Mondoluce’s team and the quality products they represent.

The importance of good lighting to an urban space cannot be underestimated, as it has the ability to transform the experience of the space. Light has a direct link to emotion and excitement and this cannot be more evident from a visit to the site at night. Through the use of well integrated light fixtures with the architecture, landscape and artworks, the lighting delivers well beyond the planned expectations of performance and aesthetics and light quality.

With a passion in educating the next generation of lighting designers and the wider community, I see the Grove Precinct project as a great example for promoting the benefits of good lighting design.



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