Technology + Touch

19th February 2024 | ,

Technology + Touch

Mondoluce is excited to showcase our ‘Touch’ range of Table Lamps from iGuzzini and Unios. 


Unios Moka Table Lamp

Portable and rechargeable, the Moka Table Lamp is designed to cater to residential and commercial lighting needs with an extended operation time of up to 8 hours of continued use at full brightness. Touch-controlled, the Moka offers colour tuning between 1800K, 2200K, and 2700K with 3-step dimming from 100% to 50% and 20%.

iGuzzini Whisper Table Lamp

Whisper combines differences, turning them into its strong point. Whisper is an aluminium table lamp and therefore solid, but with a stem that ensures momentum and lightness. Its design is essential and elegant, with a decorative ring to add a dash of preciousness. The lamp – with just a simple touch – turns on/off, dims and chooses the desired colour temperature (2200K; 2700K; 3000K). Cordless and rechargeable, Whisper can be adapted to be freely and easily moved indoors and outdoors. Developed around eco-design principles with recycled and recyclable materials that are easy to disassemble. Many finishes multiply the application and furnishing potential for living & hospitality.



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