Spaces, seen in good light.

30th June 2015 |

Spaces, seen in good light.

To further demonstrate their contribution to Perth’s design landscape, Mondoluce launched their ‘Living Showroom’: a guide to public spaces where you can see their functional, aesthetically brilliant solutions shining brightly.

While viewing lighting solutions in a showroom provides an opportunity to view and admire a range of lighting alternatives, it can only take you so far. Lighting solutions are intended to add depth and dimension, light and shade, scale and drama, or safety and confidence to the spaces they will illuminate. Featuring them in a showroom can only indicate some dimensions of their greater purpose.

In wrestling with this deficiency, Mondoluce created the ‘Living Showroom’, a guide to some of their lighting installation throughout the Perth metropolitan area. The guide gives potential clients and, more generally, those who enjoy fine design and architecture, the opportunity to drive around the city and visiting some of these superb examples of light in action. It’s a little like enjoying the lights at Christmas time – with a little more aesthetic brilliance!

Featured in these EDMs are some of those applications around the city to give you a taste of the Living Showroom and the excellence in design and execution for which Mondoluce is renowned.


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