Project Detail

City of Fremantle
Arthur Head, Fremantle

The City of Fremantle, in their strive to bolster the community activities and make the city a more fun place to be, received various suggestions from the public feedback sessions, one of them being to light up the historical cliff at the base of the Roundhouse. The cliffs also have a tunnel that links the beach with the city which has a rich cultural history dating back from the 1800’s fishing history. Bathers Beach, to its south, is also the place where every Saturday in the summer months a sunset market is being held that attracts thousands of visitors. The market has been a huge success and to further enhance its popularity as well as improving public night time safety the suggestion to light up the rocky lime stone cliff and Roundhouse area that forms the background to the market, was warmly embraced. The Roundhouse precinct is also the home of an artist community.

KLD received a request from the City of Fremantle to study the opportunities to light up the Roundhouse area and to set out and develop an overall lighting master plan with various options and stages with implementation steps and budget implications.

Key consideration to the design was the desire to conceal the lighting as much as possible from the general public to maximise the texture of the beautiful limestone rocks. Having the ability to use colour with iGuzzini Linealuce RGB LED technology we took the opportunity during testing to try out colours which resulted in some amazing visuals. The public reaction has been very positive and supportive with many voicing that they would like to see more of this happening!

Martin Klaasen

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Lighting Design:
KLD - Klaasen Lighting Design, Martin Klaasen

Electrical Contractor:
High Speed Electrics     

Ron Tan