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Fremantle Port Authority
Fremantle Ports

The Fremantle Market Sheds has been a popular family and tourist location for over 20 years and has recently undergone some upgrades to improve its facilities. Included within this scheme was the upgrade of street lighting from the old 250W (275W System) High Pressure Sodium Street Lights to the CREE LEDways (197W System) with the aim to provide a more cost efficient lighting solution. In addition, the whiter LED light compared to the amber glow of HPS works to improve the overall safety, security and enhances the prestige of the area.

The Fremantle Port Authority lighting upgrade utilised a number of LEDway fittings with various configurations mounted on existing single and double outreach poles. This included a range of 20LED, 30LED, 100LED and 120LED fittings with various optical distributions. As we were confined to work with existing pole locations, heights and spacing’s, a combination of LED counts and optical distributions aided in achieving the suitable lighting levels.


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Ron Tan