Westpac Offices

Project Outline

Westpac’s striking new headquarters in Perth embraces a relaxed tone driven by local character, delivering a truly agile workplace that sets a new benchmark within the Westpac Group portfolio.

The diverse landscape of settings encourages the WA team to be adaptable, resilient and connected. The strategic and empathic design invites in the local community and elements of nature.

Generous circulation paths, clear sight lines and a universal sense of spaciousness give a calm and luxurious feel. Custom lighting features employ a ‘circadian’ rhythm, where hue and intensity transition to reflect the movement of the sun. Therefore promoting health and vitality in the interior space.

In order to achieve a 6-star green star sustainability target, a green-star consultant was engaged. Initiatives include automated lighting controls, low-VOC paints and finishes, planting for improved air quality, and recycling schemes. Natural light is maximised, movement is encouraged in addition to sit-stand workstations that feature across all work points.

This design approach results in an enjoyable, inspiring and comfortable space that is truly a place for Westpac’s people and community.

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Key Partners

Westpac Group

Interior Design:

Electrical + Lighting Designer:
WSP Vision Design

Shape Group

Electrical Contractor:

Ron Tan

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