Scarborough Civic Centre

Project Outline

The Scarborough Community Centre is part of the Scarborough Civic Centre complex. The Centre includes a library, recreation centre and outdoor amphitheatre.

The Centre underwent lighting upgrades to improve the energy efficiency and versatility of the civic centre. The upgrade resulted in versatile lighting that accommodates a variety of activities for all ages and provides safe access throughout.

High efficiency VLED high bays were chosen to replace the original lighting on the indoor sports court. The addition of Bluetooth modules resulted in dimming capabilities without additional wiring and labour costs.

External perimeter lighting was upgraded to LED Unios Vega bulkhead luminaires. Installing LED fitting created safe spaces as a result of the increased light levels in addition to saving energy .

The mixed use function room was fitted with suspended ELS Linear Systemkanal with dimming capability. The added dimming capability resulted in a versatile lighting solution which catered for a variety of uses. The Round Unios Akira luminaires were also added to achieve a modern look in addition to illuminating the space.

Key Partners

City of Stirling

Electrical Contractor:
Techworks Electrical

Ron Tan

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