Roberts Road

Project Outline

Roberts Road is a significant thoroughfare and a gateway into the Subiaco business district. The previous metal halide lighting posed maintenance problems and incurred high energy consumption.

Considering the need for a sustainable lighting solution, The City of Subiaco upgraded to LED roadway lighting.

Roberts Road upgraded to 35x Cree LEDway 110 LED fittings run at 525mA. This equates to a total of 182W per fitting which replaced 250W high pressure sodium street lights (with a total system load of 289W).

By fitting luminaires to existing poles, it resulted in a 40% energy saving. Based on 12 hour per day operation over 7 days this LED fitting delivers in excess of 100,000 hour life.

Selected due to their performance and reliability the LEDway’s were compliant with Australian Standards. The benefits included, utilising existing infrastructure, lower energy costs in addition to minimal maintenance expenses.

Key Partners

City of Subiaco

Electrical + Lighting Consultant:
Sage Consulting Engineers

Electrical Contractor:
Stiles Electrical

Ron Tan

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