Place of Reflection

Project Outline

A memorial garden was originally conceived by a consortium of 5 groups in response to the needs by those who have endured loss or trauma to have a quiet place for personal contemplation and peace.

Landscape Architects from PLAN E created a unique landscape upgrade at the southern end of the Western Australian Botanic Garden. Recast by the project team as a Place of Reflection. Designed to be a tranquil place of reflection that is both transformative and restorative; where all people who have suffered loss or trauma can seek understanding, peace, healing, hope and renewal. It offers a simple transition from life to a place of reflection. It is a place where the natural elements link to the cycle of past and future life.

The Place of Reflection creates an elegant, accessible and inclusive community facility in the southern section of the world renowned Western Australian Botanic Garden, which further adds to the long term significance of Kings Park. The Place of Reflection has a timeless quality that will subsequently be enjoyed for generations to come.

David Smith – Director

Key Partners

Botanic Gardens & Parks Authority

Landscape Architect:

Electrical Contractor:


Ron Tan

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