Murdoch Art Wall

Project Outline

Rick Vermey was enlisted to develop artwork for two sound walls, located in Murdoch. He employed graphically perforated steel to depict locally relevant imagery. The images have a strong connection to the local flora and fauna identified with the adjacent Quenda Wetlands.

Rick and Martin came together to develop a lighting concept. The lighting choice elevated the artwork to greater heights in addition to considering priority to road and public safety.

The colours for back lighting of the screens are based on the colours as associated with the Noongar seasons. In addition to dynamic highlights enhancing key elements of the artwork features one by one. Environmental spill was eliminated as a result of aiming the lights downward. The iGuzzini Linealuce Compact RGB allowed minimum energy consumption and maximum longevity, assuring Main Roads a worry-free maintenance.

The project has become a recognisable landmark feature for all road users along South Street and Murdoch Drive adding a sense of proudness to the immediate residence in the area.

Key Partners

Main Roads Western Australia

Rick Vermey

Lighting Designer:
Klaasen Lighting Design (KLD)

Electrical Contractor:
Highway Construction

Ron Tan

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