Leederville Town Centre

Project Outline

The Town of Vincent gathered valuable feedback on Leederville from residents, patrons and businesses.

There was a decision to transform the Leederville Town Centre – Oxford Street Reserve. A contemporary ‘urban park’ which embraced all of Leederville’s character and charm seemed to accommodate this feedback. This project was the cornerstone to invigorate the Leederville Town Centre and welcome the community to enjoy Leederville. The project consisted of new public seating areas, feature playground and urban play equipment.

The lighting design had a strong focus on innovation, aesthetics, durability and safety. Wood & Grieve Engineers worked closely with the Mondoluce team to implement the iGuzzini Crown and Lun-up. Choosing lighting that adheres to relevant standards for safe movement in addition to creating a welcoming environment, day or night was of utmost importance.

Key Partners

City of Vincent

Landscape Architect:
Blackwell & Associates

Electrical Consultant + Lighting Designer:
Wood & Grieve Engineers

Electrical Contractor:
Stiles Electrical

Advanteering Civil Engineers

Ron Tan

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