IONA Presentation College

Project Outline

Iona Presentation College has taught students for over 110 years. Iona appreciates that today’s students require different skills and therefore a different education to ignite a passion for lifelong learning.

The classrooms of 1901 would never be considered acceptable for today’s students, and as such, teaching environments have also evolved.

Iona Presentation College recognises students learn far better with hands-on activities and individualised experiences.Traditional tutelage involving repetition and memorisation of the syllabus to educate students is outdated. In the rapidly changing and interconnected world, Iona Presentation College offers cross-curriculum learning and education in modern skills and capabilities.

The teachers connect with students to engage their sense of curiosity and embed the necessary skills to facilitate decision making, problem solving and critical thinking. Immersion in learning increases engagement and enables exploration, reflection, creativity, and achievement to ignite a lifelong passion.

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IONA Presentation College


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