Fremantle Mausoleum

Project Outline

The Fremantle Mausoleum at Palmyra by Design Inc. has taken out the State’s top award – the George Temple Pool Award, presented to the year’s most outstanding building overall, with the jury noting “the bold contemporary expression of this building is impressive from any viewpoint”.

The Mausoleum accommodates over 1000 crypts and conveys an enduring, religious presence in the Fremantle Cemetery landscape.

The design draws reference and inspiration from the classical and timeless symbols and imagery associated with the Christian faith – the cross being the most powerful and recognisable symbol, whilst the dome and pyramid forms take reference from ancient and traditional mausoleum design.

These designs were also a reference for the artwork and sculptures chosen for the building.

2006 RAIA WA Chapter, George Temple Poole Award
2006 RAIA WA Chapter Interior Architecture Award
2006 WA Chapter Public / Institutional Architecture Award

Key Partners

Metropolitan Cemeteries Board

Design Inc.

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