Organic Response : Revolutionary Lighting Control Technology

24th April 2014 | , ,

Organic Response : Revolutionary Lighting Control Technology

Organic Response is a revolutionary lighting control technology using distributed intelligence to deliver a highly responsive, flexible and energy efficient system that is incredibly simple and cost-effective to install. By applying distributed Intelligence, Organic Response technology allows each individual luminaire to make lighting decisions based on:

  • The presence of occupants sensed directly by its own occupancy sensor
  • Occupancy information it receives from neighbouring luminaires
  • Ambient light levels sensed directly by its own ambient light sensor
  • Algorithms based on the environment in which it operates (i.e. open office, corridor, etc)

Organic Response has scooped 3 iAwards at the 2013 ICT industry Gala awards dinner:

  • 2013 Winner of the Inspiration Award
    an award granted by the judges to the best entry amongst all category winners
  • 2013 Winner of the Start Up Category Award
  • 2013 Merit recipient of the New Product Category Award

Having been recognized as the most promising ICT start up in Australia, Organic Response will go on to represent Australia in the APICTA – Asia Pacific ICT Awards.


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