Horticultural Lighting with LEDs

22nd June 2018 |

Horticultural Lighting with LEDs

What does the future of horticultural lighting with LEDs look like?

Horticulture is the science and art of growing plants and plant cultivars. It aims to improve qualities such as growth speed, yield, quality and nutritional value. Unlike agriculture which deals with the cycle of animal farming and strictly cultivates crops for human consumption, horticulture only involves the science of plant cultivation.

There has been tremendous growth in horticultural lighting using LEDs over the past few years. The market started growing in production size due to the demand and availability of horticultural LEDs.

Unios has developed lighting solutions for indoor horticultural lighting with the Flo Series Luminaires. From early prototyping until product release, Unios have meticulously monitored the effectiveness of horticulture LEDs to ensure the success of cultivation.

Successfully growing green walls and a wide variety of plants indoors is an exact science. Unios have done the research to help you and your clients bring the benefits of nature indoors. The Unios white paper will provide you with the knowledge and the tools to cultivate successful indoor plant environments.

LED lights warming plants

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