AILA WA Landscape Architecture Award Winners 2017

25th July 2017 | ,

The AILA WA Landscape Architecture Awards program provides a key vehicle for the promotion of the achievements and work of landscape architects in WA. The Awards process is an opportunity for public and peer recognition of landscape architect’s work, and demonstrates to industry, business, government and the wider community the positive impact the profession has on Australian lives through the planning and design of the built and natural environments. Mondoluce were proud once again, to be the WA Major Sponsor.


AILA WA Medal: Koombana North
Entrant: URBIS
Location: Bunbury WA
Client: Landcorp

Koombana North represents a significant example of a finely-tuned and well-honed celebration of foreshore and community. The bespoke detailing exhibits significant acknowledgement of its foreshore location and extends an unmistakable hospitality to the community and visitors alike. The mindful selection of materials, careful design and placement of amenities, and acknowledgement of the foreshore context have made this a space that will grow, thrive, and generate memories for years to come. Congratulations to all contributors on an exceptional effort in delivering this project.

Parks and Open Space

Parks and Open Space Award of Excellence: Balyarra Park
Entrant: Emerge Associates
Location: Baynton WA
Client: Landcorp/ Travis McNaught/ Regional Manager West Pilbara

Balyarra Park delivers a striking integration of public art, landscape, and stormwater infrastructure while promoting physical activity. Spatial proportions have been carefully resolved to ensure water sensitivity and shade to offset the harsh climate. The pump track excited the jury with one juror exclaiming “the track makes me want to be there!” This highly successful landscape exhibits qualities of an exemplary open space.

Parks and Open Space Landscape Architecture Award: Onslow Youth Space
Entrant: CONVIC Pty Ltd
Location: Onslow WA
Client: Shire of Ashburton – Sean Ripley, Strategic Project Manager

This project is an exemplar of exceeded the original brief through community engagement. The remoteness of Onslow and the associated costs of construction required the project team to be extremely creative in the use of resources by recycling existing infrastructure. The extensive community engagement undertaken, along with the exceptional constructed outcome has resulted in positive change in the local Onslow youth culture.

Play Spaces

Play Spaces Award of Excellence: Adventurescape
Entrant: Plan E
Location: South Yunderup WA
Client: Amy Nancarrow, Satterley Property Group

An important link in the surrounding master-planned housing development, this ‘Reassuringly Kitsch’ play space exhibits strong attention to detail as it successfully embraces the character of the area; a sure testament to the solid design objectives. Recycled and natural materials, customised play elements, and small details ensure a unique play space that caters to the new community.

Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage Landscape Architecture Award: Bilya Kard Boodja Lookout
Entrant: Ecoscape Australia Pty Ltd
Location: Belmont WA
Client: City of Belmont

The Bilya Kard Boodja Lookout exhibits the perseverance of the consultants and the city in delivering it. A clear, thoughtful strategy and extensive community involvement and partnership resulted in a project taking advantage of dramatic outlooks across the Swan River and demonstrating strong respect for aboriginal culture and heritage. Ecoscape are to be commended.

Land Management

Land Management Award of Excellence: Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary Wetland Restoration
Entrant: GHD
Location: Bayswater WA
Client: Jeremy Maher, City of Bayswater

The project makes an important contribution to improving the health of the Swan River ecosystem, enhancing the amenity of our riverine environment, and creating a valued community asset. The Landscape Architects responded thoughtfully to many ecological challenges with outcomes demonstrating a high degree of skill and integration across a range of disciplines, reinforcing the vital role of landscape architects in improving our ecological systems.

Land Management Landscape Architecture Award: Miller’s Pool
Entrant: Ecoscape and Pullyblank Pty Ltd
Location: South Perth WA
Client: City of South Perth

Exhibiting a strong connection between ecology and the urban environment, Miller’s Pool walks the delicate line between a strongly designed space and one showcasing restoration and conservation efforts. The result is a space which has the potential to increase the public’s awareness of the need for ecological restoration while providing a successful public amenity.


Tourism Award of Excellence: Kings Park Commission
Entrant : PLAN E
Location: Kings Park WA
Client: Botanic Gardens & Parks Authority C/O Lesley Hammersley

This project is the result of an 18 year relationship between client and landscape architect. The landscape has been developed over numerous commissions, resulting in a distinctly Kings Park atmosphere, through cohesive design and custom detailing. This project is an exemplar for landscape architecture in the field of tourism.

Tourism Landscape Architecture Award: Wembley Hospitality Precinct and Mini Golf
Entrant: EPCAD Pty Ltd
Location: Wembley WA
Client: Town of Cambridge

This is one of the few examples in modern landscape architecture where synthetic turf feels appropriate! The integration of natural elements within the design generate beauty and a welcome departure from the traditional Las Vegas styling of mini golf to transcend age groups and encourage activity. A significant tourism boost and a good return on investment for the client are elements that have deemed this a successful tourism landscape.

Urban Design

Landscape Planning Landscape Architecture Award: Urban Forest Plan
Entrant: City of Perth
Location: Perth WA
Client: City of Perth

The City of Perth Urban Forest Strategy presents a crucial and vital strategic tool for the future planning of Perth. It addresses the overall liveability and integral landscape character of Perth, while addressing deficits, with the purpose of improving the overall environmental quality. The Jury believes this Strategy is an aspirational approach to addressing the urbanisation of cities, and will leave a legacy for our future generations.

Community Contribution

Community Contribution Award of Excellence: Gold Street Community Park
Entrant: UDLA
Location: Fremantle WA
Dr Brad Pettit, Mayor, City of Fremantle

The Gold Street Community Park significantly contributes towards Social Sustainability. UDLA facilitated a community-driven initiative to develop a neglected site into a community built and partially-council funded parkland. The high-quality ‘listening’ approach, deft consultation process, and down-to-earth principles of UDLA is evident in the celebrated outcome of this true community garden.


Civic Landscape Award of Excellence:Koombana North
Entrant: URBIS
Location: Bunbury WA
Client: Landcorp

The project achieves excellence from a modest scope and budget. The design balances a pragmatic response to harsh coastal conditions with elements of whimsy suggesting pleasure, leisure and sincerity. Vegetation choice is excellent with elements such as robust and thoughtful in-situ furniture exhibiting exceptional bespoke detailing celebrating the foreshore environment. Koombana North provides a welcoming character and human scale that will be well-used and valued into the future.

Small Projects

Small Projects Landscape Architecture Award: Mary Street Piazza
PLACE Laboratory
Highgate WA
City of Vincent, David Doy

Mary Street Piazza provides a good example of the opportunities represented by tactical urbanism with the view to a longer-term outcome. The project delivers a casual, largely green, mini piazza with a designated performance space within an otherwise busy, streetscape environment. It represents a significant improvement on the bleak car park that previously occupied this space.

Small Projects Landscape Architecture Award: Minor Urban Interventions
City of Perth
Perth City WA
City of Perth

This innovative project identifies a variety of opportunities for minor interventions, each of which deliver outcomes that far exceed the input or investment involved. The combined effect is a contribution towards creating a stronger sense of place and identity in the Perth CBD. Individual projects call upon elements of whimsy and folly that provide moments of delight and respite within this busy commercial centre.

Graduate Awards

Graduate Award of Excellence
Entrant: Rosie Halsmith

Rosie Halsmith has considerable achievements for a recent graduate. Rosie played a significant role in establishing the wAILA Fresh student and graduates group and is dedicated to communicating the vast assets of landscape architecture to a broader audience. Her unique and diverse skill set is highly valued, as is her dedication, professionalism, and passion toward her discipline, in which she is a significant role model who inspires students and other graduate landscape architects alike.

Graduate Landscape Architecture Award:
Entrant: Shadra Cooper

Shadra Cooper has demonstrated initiative, professionalism and innovation in her brief tenure as a graduate landscape architect and has already proven herself as a future leader of the profession. Her abilities are more highly developed than her experience would suggest and her future career as a landscape architect will be exciting to witness. Shadra is Co-Chair of wAILA Fresh and has supported many students and graduates with the challenges faced when entering the profession.

People’s Choice Award

People’s Choice Award:
Middleton Foreshore | Landscape Management Plan
Practice: AECOM + City of Albany
Client: City of Albany



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