AILA Awards

28th July 2023 | ,

AILA Awards

The AILA WA Awards, organised by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA), stand as a prestigious annual event that recognizes and celebrates the outstanding achievements of landscape architects and their contributions to the built environment. As a leading platform for acknowledging excellence in the field, these awards showcase innovative projects that shape our surroundings, create sustainable landscapes, and improve the quality of life for communities across Australia.

The AILA Awards bring together a diverse array of landscape architecture professionals, ranging from seasoned practitioners to emerging talents, fostering an environment of collaboration and inspiration. By acknowledging the best works in the industry, these awards not only honor the visionary designers but also raise the bar for the entire profession, encouraging continuous innovation and improvement.

Each year, the AILA Awards highlight exceptional projects across various categories, including urban design, public spaces, residential landscapes, environmental sustainability, and more. The rigorous judging process ensures that winning projects demonstrate a profound understanding of the environment, cultural significance, and the needs of the people they serve.

Mondoluce is proud to once again, sponsor this great initiative. View the winner here.


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