Project Detail

Mandoon Estate
Mandoon Estate Winery

Based on the clients strong family history in the Swan Valley, a design brief was given to create a modern facility that integrates with the existing landscape, including vineyards, the Swan River and heritage buildings. The project consists of a microbrewery, restaurant, function centre, cellar door and outdoor bar.

Spyda Construction and J. Prestipino Building Designs worked closely with Mondoluce to create a lighting design that was innovative, durable and aesthetically pleasing, while providing a link between each of the buildings uses. By selecting the iGuzzini Laserblade and Artemide NUR, this theme was carried through the building and was complemented by specific feature lighting which was used to enhance the individual characteristics of each area.


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J. Prestipino Building Designs

Interior Designer:
Bremick Design group

Electrical & Lighting Engineer:
David Rose & Associates

Electrical Contractor:
Insight Electrical

Sypda Construction

Ron Tan