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Como the Treasury at The State Buildings

This landmark heritage / hotel project Como The Treasury at the State Buildings, stands out for the consistently high level of lighting design throughout its interior spaces and the high quality of the external lighting. 

The external lighting makes legible the three historic buildings in an elegant and understated manner, taking into consideration the ambient street light and dealing with the constraints of hotel facade lighting. At street level the entrances are warm and welcoming. Lamps to the St. Georges Terrace frontage have been carefully reinstated, based on historic photographs.

The internal lighting is an essential element in creating an atmosphere of relaxed sophistication, which is appropriate for a luxury city hotel of this calibre. In all of the spaces – ground floor lobbies, restaurants, corridors, private dining facilities and guest rooms – the lighting design has been highly considered and forms an integral part of the interior design. The lighting design uses reoccurring geometries and themes found in other elements of the interior design. It is clearly contemporary, whilst remaining respectful to the historic context.

Text extracted from 2016 WA Architecture Awards Book 2016


2016 WA Architecture Awards, Winners in the following categories:

  • George Temple Poole Award 
  • Margaret Pitt Morison Award for Heritage
  • Colorbond® Award for steel Architecture
  • Mondoluce Lighting Award
  • Commendation for Interior Architecture


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Kerry Hill Architects

Heritage Architect: 
Palassis Architects


Lighting Designer: 
DJ Coalition with Best Consultants

Custom Light Fittings: 
Flynn Talbot

Electrical Engineer
Best Consultants

Electrical Contractor
Williams Electrical

Ron Tan