Project Detail

Department of Finance, Building Management & Works
The Office of the Premier and Cabinet Room

"The lighting solutions for the Office of the Premier and Cabinet Room were tailored with the aid of lighting consultants, Point of View, to maximise the display of architecture, interiors and artwork as well as provide for low energy consumption and ease of maintenance. The design philosophy was founded on the principles of indirect lighting being utilised as the main light source and direct lighting introduced to provide warm accents to artwork and key furniture. These principles were creatively woven together with a simple energy saving approach.

The light fittings inform a minimal aesthetic with the intent for the lighting to merge with the architecture and enhance its qualities. The lighting outcomes craft both mood and atmosphere. Lighting is woven into the built fabric and astutely synchronised with natural light. The lighting design innovatively and sensitively reinforces the spatial qualities of key rooms and highlights the Western Australian focused interiors of finishes, artworks and furniture, as well as seamlessly merging new and old fabric. Using contemporary technologies and fittings, the lighting outcome binds the experience of place.

All lighting is controlled by an automated system with daylight sensors where applicable, melded together with carefully programmed scene settings. The whole complex is programmed to maximise daylight with 90% of the internal lighting using LED and fluorescent light sources. The key approach to maximise the natural light means that artificial light could be kept to a minimum, assisting with the overall budget. The long lamp life of the selected LED and fluorescent fittings results in low maintenance regimes. Light fittings were also strategically positioned to allow ease of access for replacement. A fully automated lighting system enables artificial lighting to be employed only when required."

Bret White - AssociateAlison Paine - Photographer and Graphics Manager
Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland

iGuzzini Action used for this project is no longer available. Alternatively, Mondoluce recommend iGuzzini iN30, iN60 and iN90 for similar application. 

Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland

Heritage Architect:
Griffiths Architects

Electrical Engineer:
Sinclair Knight Merz

Lighting Designer:
Point Of View


Electrical Contractor:
Nilsen (WA) Pty Ltd

Alison Paine