Project Detail

City of Subiaco
Rokeby Road

The City of Subiaco is committed to the revitalisation of the Subiaco Town Centre providing opportunity for vibrancy. Rokeby Road’s streetscape upgrade intended to improve its amenities, safety and overall aesthetics. 

The main objectives of the project were to improve the amenities of the Rokeby Road median strip, address safety and hazard concerns of exposed tree root structures, improve lighting, protect the trees to ensure natural growth and expansion for the medium term, upgrade aged infrastructure as well as, create a pedestrian friendly, low speed environment.

Mondoluce put forward the iGuzzini Archilede, which was endorsed by the City’s landscape architects, Blackwell and Associates and lighting engineers Sage Consulting Engineers due to it's high performance optical system which extended light under the shop awnings to deliver light onto the faces of the pedestrians. The Archilede was the perfect aesthetically pleasing LED solution for these improvements.

The Rokeby Road streetscape upgrade is intended to increase the vibrancy of the town centre and will lend itself to a variety of activities, such as markets, outdoor concerts, exhibitions and other communtiy events.


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Blackwell & Associates

Electrical Engineer:
Sage Consulting Engineers

Electrical Contractor:
Gilmore Electrical

Ron Tan