Project Detail

City of Subiaco
Roberts Road

This section of Roberts Road in Subiaco utilises 35 CREE LEDway 110LED fittings run at 525mA. This equates to a total watts per fitting of 182W which replaced 250W High Pressure Sodium decorative street lights (with a total system load of 289W). The CREE LEDway's were fitted to existing poles and in doing so we have achieved a 40% energy saving. Based on 12 hour per day operation over 7 days this LED fitting delivers in excess of 100,000 hour life. The CREE LEDway comes with a 10 year total-system warranty. 

"Roberts Road is a significant thoroughfare and a gateway into the Subiaco business district. The previous metal halide lighting posed maintenance problems and incurred high energy consumption. Considering the need for a sustainable lighting solution, The City of Subiaco upgraded to LED roadway lighting.

Cree LEDway luminaires were selected on performance and reliability, delivering lighting compliant with AS/NZS 1158. The benefits of installing the Cree LEDway LED light fitting have included utilising existing infrastructure, lower energy costs and minimal maintenance expenses."

Mike Sage, Engineer - Sage Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd


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