Project Detail

City of Rockingham
Mary Davies Library

The Mary Davies Library and Community Centre has provided Baldivis not only with new community facilities and a new found identity, but also provides visitors with an inspiring sensual experience. It blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors, nature and building, new technology and tradition, intimate restrained retreats and large expressive spaces. 

A key feature of the design concept of the library and function hall spaces are the structural trees and uninterrupted timber ceilings or ‘canopies’. The lighting design and Mondoluce’s light fittings achieve the vision of a clean, services free ceiling by using the iGuzzini Le Perroquet projector up-lights to indirectly illuminate the large, open, flexible spaces. Equally set around each structural tree column, these expressive light fittings add to the overall design feature and have become an integral part of the design. The design approach allows easy accessible servicing of all light fittings, even within large open spaces and ceiling heights up to 9 metres.

The design for the new Mary Davies Library and Community Centre promotes the significance of this local community whilst creating a unique identity for Baldivis that is based on the local natural and rural heritage.


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Site Architecture Studio

Lighting and Electrical Services Consultant:
Engineering Technology Consultants Pty Ltd / ETC

PACT Construction

Electrical Contractor:
ADCO Electrics

Ron Tan